Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to lighten dark knees

How to lighten dark knees

In this article you will get some tips on how to lighten dark knees and dark spots on knees. A dark knee is a common skin pigmentation problem.

Causes of dark knees

There are many causes of dark knees, such as:

- Lack of proper skin care.

- Health related problems.

- Constant friction and wear and tear.

- Sun exposure.

- Hormonal changes.

In order to remove dark spots and pigmentation from your keens, try to make a proper skin care routine. Here are some tips on how to lighten dark knees:


- Try to exfoliate your knees by using a gentle- natural scrub.

- Regular exfoliation will definitely help in reducing the dark spots on knees.

- You can also make an exfoliating paste at home by mixing olive oil to half a cup of brown sugar to the consistency of toothpaste.

- Apply this paste on your knees and scrub the affected area, before shower.

- Exfoliation process is important for removing dead skin cells.


- Regular moisturizing is also essential for preventing dark knees.

- Try to choose a natural moisturizer that contains cocoa butter or Shea butter as main ingredients.

- Apply coconut oil or olive oil on your knees and elbows.


- Lemon is very effective in the treatment of hyper pigmentation.

- Rub lemon slice on your knees for approximately 10 minutes.

- Make a mixture of juice of 1 lemon with a cup of milk, warm this mixture.

- Dip a cloth in this milk bath and spread the cloth on your knees.

Aloe Vera

- Apply an Aloe Vera extract to the affected area.

- Cut the aloe leaf and rub the green fresh extract on your knees.

Sun block

- Try to avoid sun exposure.

- Use a sun block with a minimum of SPF 30.


  1. This is really helpful. Especially the olive oil brown sugar paste

  2. It will work over a period of time

  3. Lightning creams work to but of corse r not narural

  4. i tried the lemon trick and it really worked.

  5. how long does it take to lighten with lemon?

  6. First of all thanks for visit:) It may take several weeks. So, use it regularly.

    Thanks again

  7. Is there anything you can do to lighten your kneés lets say in a week