Monday, June 28, 2010

How to remove stretch marks on legs

How to remove stretch marks on legs

Stretch marks occur due to the breakage of fibers that are present in the middle layer of the skin. There are many causes of stretch marks such as pregnancy, puberty, weight gain and body building. Here are some tips on how to remove stretch marks on legs.

Remove Stretch Marks on Legs:

Cosmetic Therapies

Various cosmetic therapies are used to remove stretch marks, such as:

Laser Surgery - It is an expensive way to get rid of stretch marks.
Microdermabrasion – It helps remove the skin from the affected area by mechanical or chemical procedures.
Endermologie - It is machine, which is used for massaging the portion of the skin covered with stretch marks..

In order to remove your stretch marks you can also try some natural remedies. Here are some natural methods to get rid of stretch marks naturally.

Cocoa Butter Cream

Cocoa butter is very effective in removing stretch marks. Gently rub the area with cocoa butter on a regular basis.

Jojoba Oil for stretch marks

Jojoba oil is good for maintaining elasticity of the skin, thereby fading the stretch marks.

Aloe Vera Gel

Apply aloe vera gel over the affected area on a daily basis.

If you want you can also go for over the counter products like lotions or creams. Try to choose vitamin E, alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic acid and glycerin based productsSince stretch marks are very normal and temporary scars, the best thing is to follow the natural remedies. Eat a healthy diet, rich in zinc and vitamins A, C and D. All these nutrients have been shown to aid in skin cell production and promote healthy skin.

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