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How to Lighten Skin with Herbs

How to Lighten Skin with Herbs

Are you searching for the terms like – herbs for skin whitening, skin whitening herbs? If yes, then this article is for you. Many herbs contains skin whitening properties in them and you can use those herbs to get rid of your pigmentation problems like dark spots, age spots, freckles etc. Given below are some herbal remedies and tips on how to lighten skin with herbs.

How to Lighten Skin with Herbs

You can use Lady’s mantle herb for skin lightening. This herb is loaded with skin lightening and soothing properties. Apply its juice on the problem areas of your skin. Leave on for several minutes and then rinse with water. So not forget to do a skin patch test before using this herbal remedy.

Skin lightening properties of chamomile herb makes it an excellent skin whitener. You can use it by infusing its flower or a few bags of chamomile tea to use it as a facial steam. Use cool, strained mixture on your skin to have a lighten skin tone. Read more on Chamomile for skin whitening

Lemon juice is another effective remedy for skin whitening. Its exfoliating properties help strip away outer dark layers of the skin to reveal lighter skin underneath. Apply fresh juice to on the skin or apply it on the targeted areas such as dark spot, freckles or to remove stained fingers from tobacco. Use this remedy regularly to have some desired results. 

Acid content of red onion can also help you get lighter skin tone. Just apply red onion juice on your skin to lighten it. Use this remedy on a daily basis. But, avoid using it on the areas near eyes or on an open wound.

Another herb for skin whitening is horseradish. Use this herb with other ingredients to make an effective skin lightening treatment for yourself.

Gather all these ingredients:

One teaspoon of grated horseradish
Half teaspoon of lemon juice
Half teaspoon of vinegar
2-3 drops of rosemary essential oil

Mix all the ingredients together. Apply it on your face and leave it on for a few minutes. Rinse off with plain water.

You can also use an easy remedy instead of using the above given remedy or if you do not have the rest of the ingredients. Just mix grated horseradish and yogurt to form a paste. Use this as a face mask on a daily basis.

These were some tips on how to lighten skin with skin lightening herbs. Lastly, Check with a dermatologist before using these herbal remedies.

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